Webinar Recording

"The Last Mile: Data Powered Wealth Management CX"

Webinar Summary

Originally aired on July 20, 2021


  • Craig Isowitz – CEO of Ezra Group Consulting
  • Sarah Rasmuss  – Chief Product Officer, Circle Black
  • Julie Littlechild – Founder and CEO, Absolute Engagement
  • Penny Phillips – Cofounder & President, Journey Strategic Wealth
  • Heather Holmes – Founder & CEO, Genivity

Here are some key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Those Wealth Management firms that best understand their target client segments are the ones that will win the relationships. — Penny Phillips
  • Personalization and segmentation are the keys to success. Never use the “average” client for marketing because it’s too easy fro prospects to put their head in the sand by saying, “that’s not exactly like me!” — Heather Holmes
  • Investing in usability research before designing your client or advisor experience will deliver higher quality results that won’t require expensive overhauls later. — Sarah Rasmuss
  • Don’t relay on a single method of gathering feedback form clients. Integrating multiple communication channels that connect to key relationship points will generate more robust results. — Julie Littlechild

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