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Our strategic consulting and research expertise provides clients with impactful solutions that include enterprise software implementation, technology platform assessment, optimizing operational efficiency, and process improvement.

Technology Platform Strategy and Evaluation

We conduct a top to bottom review of your wealth technology infrastructure, identify issues that are holding back your organization and prepare an improvement plan. 

Based on our findings, we will provide a comprehensive gap analysis, develop a workable technology platform selection strategy, an operational optimization plan, recommend the right WealthTech provider(s), assist with application integrations, and software implementations, if needed. 

This methodology ensures that the actionable roadmap we provide is in alignment with your short- and long-term business objectives.

Data-as-an-Asset Strategic Assessment

Our data-as-an-asset strategic assessment provides business leaders with critical insights to better understand how your existing data infrastructure can be enhanced and optimized to mitigate risk and drive business growth. 

We work with your data team to build a highly tailored, data-focused plan to drive performance optimization. 

Ultimately, this assessment will help your company deploy more robust data-driven initiatives.

Operational Support Services

Maintaining a well-trained, experienced, and efficient operations staff is a critical part of any wealth management firm’s success. Ezra Group’s operational support services provide experienced professionals who temporarily assist with key operational processes such as client onboarding account opening, account maintenance, billing, and advisor transitions. Our seasoned staff enables you to continue running your business while you back-fill operations positions without time pressure so you can find the right people you need.

Enterprise Software Implementation

Planning and implementing enterprise software is a complex undertaking that no wealth management firm should attempt without expert advice. Our experienced team has led successful projects to migrate between all of the major enterprise wealth platforms and can help you avoid mistakes that can save millions of dollars in unnecessary costs.

We work side-by-side with your staff to help manage every aspect of the project. From the initial decision to replace or add a system, to running the request for proposal (RFP) process, selecting a vendor, negotiating the contract, planning the implementation, executing the plan and building a governance process, our team will be there for you.

Target Operating Model

Our strategic planning team works with your leadership to improve the advisor and client experience with a customized approach that enhances your unique market advantages. 

Our Target Operating Model methodology delivers a detailed assessment of your current platforms, a gap analysis of what’s needed to leapfrog your competitors and an implementation plan for reorganizing and optimizing your organization and wealth software infrastructure. The value-added recommendations we deliver target people, processes, and technology to increase long term prospects for success.