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Our industry-leading research, strategy approach, and thought leadership expertise are guideposts for fintech companies to propel business development, strategy options, and product development.

Competitive Analysis

We assess your product’s market position and perform a detailed gap analysis of features and functionality against the top 3 competitors in the space. Our comprehensive report highlights your unique value propositions and how you can differentiate in the market, where you need to focus your development efforts to overtake competitors, as well as recommendations for your product roadmap and pricing model. We have an experienced research team that will work with your marketing, product and sales groups to create a comprehensive plan to make your product the best in the market.

New Product Strategy

We evaluate market opportunities and deliver research-based guidance to support the launch of new product offerings. Our experienced team will deliver actionable recommendations for a minimum viable product (MVP) that has the best chance of success in the target client segment.  We will work with your sales, marketing and product staff to improve the product market fit, refine the client personas and increase your product’s growth potential.

Market Research

We run targeted market analysis designed to deliver actionable data and qualitative insights to inform your leadership decisions. Our research includes developing estimates for total addressable market, total obtainable market, and revenue projections for new client segments.

Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer (OCSO)

Our OCSO service enables your firm to have access to our experienced team of strategists with decades of experience in wealth management technology and operations. We will work side-by-side with your executive team to review and provide recommendations on business strategy, product roadmaps, external partnerships, joint ventures, application integrations, acquisition targets, pricing models and risk mitigation. These are long-term engagements that provide ongoing support and advice to help your business deal with changing market dynamics and continue growth through adverse market conditions.