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Ezra Group provides the research, strategy, and expertise necessary to guide important decisions for fintech vendors around business development, strategy, and product.

Competitive Analysis

Ezra Group assesses overall market position and identifies unique selling propositions. We use these findings to deliver a comprehensive report that prioritizes the product roadmap and overhauls the sales message for desired outcomes.

New Product Strategy

Launching new products successfully requires careful research and strategy. Ezra Group evaluates new product opportunities and develops research-backed guidance for taking new products to market. We steer the product development process and provide the appropriate methods for introducing the product to the desired clientele.

Market Research

Ezra Group conducts targeted market analysis and competitive analysis designed to yield useful data and qualitative insight to inform organizational decisions. Our research powers new product strategies, business models, and operational efficiency.

Partnership Analysis

We analyze the market for potential fintech partners that can provide complementary functionality and services.  Includes observations on the key trends and marketplace forces shaping corporate strategy, identify gaps in current offerings against the needs of target market segments, review the key competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Quick Product Assessment

For fintech vendors looking to improve the quality and competitiveness of their software, we offer a two-hour product assessment service. This is a virtual consulting session with a product demo during the first hour and our feedback and recommendations during the second hour. We will provide an honest review of your software with comparisons in key areas against the top competitive products in your target market. This evaluation can save weeks or months of beta testing and redirect your product roadmap towards features that can provide immediate benefits and increased sales. 

Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer

We have worked with some of the largest wealth management technology vendors to develop new outsourced Chief Strategy Officer business strategies, product roadmaps, software specifications, and improved pricing models. Our expertise extends across the entire wealth management life cycle from proposal generation to account opening to portfolio rebalancing through reporting and billing.