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Welcome to the Industry Standard for Evaluating WealthTech Application Integrations

The power to enhance software useability and increase adoption rates are business growth imperatives. 

We can help your product development management team realize new heights by improving improve the breadth and depth of your platform’s integration capabilities.

AdvisorTech vendors commonly tout their integrations, but until now there was no way to tell what's a 'real' integration that provides meaningful capabilities to a key partner, and what's little more than window-dressing to be able to say 'we're integrated'. Craig and his team are bringing real clarity for the first time to the state of advisor technology integrations with their Integration Scores, creating an objective common standard that advisors - and other vendors - can rely upon.

Michael Kitces, Kitces.com

WealthTech Integration Score

The Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score is built on a 10-point scale which is designed to evaluate the robustness of an application’s external integrations. After over three decades in financial services and 18+ years in wealth management, we came to the conclusion that integrations were difficult to evaluate when making software buying decisions and also difficult to implement since many vendors did not provide adequate support.


We are offering a limited number of free consultations with our integrations team to assess your company’s current state of integrations and to create a roadmap for how it can be improved. 

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