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Ezra Group, LLC, is a management consulting firm that provides business and technology strategy services to the financial services industry with CEO and Zen Master, Craig Iskowitz.  We work with broker-dealers, banks, asset managers, RIA’s and technology vendors to share our deep knowledge and experience in wealth management products and services.

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The WMToday blog and podcast are written and published by Craig Iskowitz, a business and technology strategy consultant who is a recognized expert on fee-based advisory platforms and the wealth management.

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Wealth Management Today is an information portal that delivers thought-provoking content and spreads good karma throughout the industry.

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#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 44: The Wizard of Social Networks with Jay Palter

"If you're focused on helping people and in a business networking setting, you get attention back when you give attention. Those are universal truths regardless…
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#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 43: Female Leaders in Technology

"Women are over mentored and under sponsored. Mentors are just a nice relationship. But a sponsor is the one who's going to move the needle…
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#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 42: Highlight Reel #3 from the T3 Advisor Conference

"I think in year one and year two really what we were trying to do that was different was bring advisors together, not with the…

#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 41: Highlight Reel #2 from the T3 Advisor Conference

"What we're trying to do is help firms streamline the development process so they can create unique experiences at scale. Think of it as personalization…
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#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 40: Highlight Reel #1 from the T3 Advisor Conference

"There is a universal currency that we all pay, and it is time, and we are granted X amount. We have no idea how much…

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